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Jason Glover - BA., PTS

Owner/Founder of JAG Fitness

Hello, my name is Jason. I have been training professionally since 2020. 
I love taking a personalized approach to fitness because I firmly believe that fitness should be fun! It's hard work but if you can laugh while you do it, that's just better. I am here to help you find the workouts that work for you from helping you along the beginning of your fitness journey, to NerdGym DnD workouts, to full-body intense training. I've got experience with it all!

Having partnered with Factory Climbing's Fitness Facility, I primarily coach people in their wonderful fitness facility but this also means I also coach people on how to climb. If the west end is too far I do have a small home gym where I can train you. 

  • Strength Training

  • Beginner Climbing

  • Weight Loss

  • Beginner Fitness

  • CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist

  • 2+ Years of Professional experience

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